About Us

About Us

What is the story of KayaCrafts?

KayaCrafts is South Africa’s showcase of handcrafted products and facilitates the online buying and selling of handcrafted items.  Our focus is to supply a market for unique handmade items that are made by independent makers, creators and small businesses.


Unlike other online retailers we only promote quality local independent South African talent and their handcrafted products.  When shopping here you can rest assured you are supporting local crafters and designers and that your purchase was made by hand.

Selling on KayaCrafts

Anyone is welcome to sell their products on KayaCrafts.co.za as long as they reside within the borders of South Africa and that the item they are selling is their own independently created item.


It does not matter if you ‘craft’ for a living or do it as a hobby  – you are welcome here on KayaCrafts.

Buying on KayaCrafts

Here at KayaCrafts.co.za you buy directly from the creators and makers and every item is handcrafted.  After the purchase of an item the maker of it will courier it to you. 


Although KayaCrafts.co.za facilitates the sale of products, the transaction is made between you; the buyer and the seller.

"We are a family business and passionate about handmade!"

Our journey began when we realised how difficult it is to find an outlet for our own craft products. The costs involved to display products in brick and mortar shops are exuberant and left us feeling disillusioned.  Good online outlets proved even more difficult to find.


The idea of creating a website focusing on local handcrafted  products was born and we set to work to make KayaCrafts a reality. 

Our goal is to make KayaCrafts the biggest online showcase of handcrafted creations in South Africa.

We are dedicated to keep this platform affordable for crafters who have unique quality products to sell.  You create and we will make it possible for you to market your work online to not only South Africa but to the rest of the world.

Every person on our team is a specialist in their respective field and has many years of experience working in the digital world.  Although we are all professionals we are also just regular people living regular lives while taking care of our families. 


We would like KayaCrafts to develop into a community of crafters who are not only passionate about crafting but who are also supportive of each other.  As a community we can learn from each other and grow together. 


Let’s bring crafts into the mainstream!

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